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Alpha's Revenge (A project Alpha Novel) by N.J. Walters

“Real courage is being afraid and doing it anyway.” I loved some of the quotes in this book, the resonated so well and fit the situations perfectly. That was easily my favorite aspect of this read. Alpha’s Revenge is book three in the Project Alpha series by N.J. Walters and was previously published as Sweet Charity.

Adrian is the leader of the Resistance in a post-apocalyptic dystopian era who are fighting against the corrupt government controlled by General Caruther and Piedmont Corporations. Created as a weapon and an ultimate soldier Adrian and those like him are known simply as the Alpha’s and they are all warrior and instinctual male. “He was an Alpha, bred to be stronger, faster and smarter. But he was also a creature of instinct.” Charity is General Caruther’s daughter who has grown up under her father’s thumb more than perhaps anyone else in this world who are suffer under his rule. When she comes across his latest victim, a member of the resistance, and finds out the general’s plans for those beyond the walls of the city who are fighting against the regime. With her newfound information she receives the courage she needs to take her life into her own hands and leaves the supposed safety of the city to find those fighting for a better life for the entire population and give them the information they need to bring down the corrupt government and her father. I felt like the book was a little rushed. The principle was great and although I haven’t read the first two books in the series I could tell this was the culmination of the series. The speed with which everything happened though threw me. When the Charity and Adrian get together it’s so quick, literally right after they meet, and it just feels a little over the top fast. They also didn’t seem to have a real connection and the lack of trust showed quite a bit. I understand that for Adrian and how his genes basically make him zero in on the one woman meant for him and all that, but as Charity is just the average human despite being the evil general’s daughter I’m not really certain what her motives for jumping into bed with this unknown man so quickly are. The ending felt extremely quick too. We don’t really get a good idea of how things fully turn out for the city and all the inhabitants long term. I’m not sure if the lack of that information is because there’s going to be another book, although it certainly didn’t seem set up for that, or if it was simply the author just being ‘done’ with the series too much to fully finish those wrap up thoughts or what, but I was a little miffed at the lack of complete closure. I’m not sure if it’s in the other books, but I was a bit confused as to what happened to the world to create this crazy dystopian world the general is ruling. I felt like I was missing some key elements because I hadn’t read books one and two, but while I was not quite lost in this world I was definitely feeling a bit unsteady on my feet after having just been dropped into it with very little information. Overall, I really enjoyed the book though. I think I’ll go back and check out books one and two now as well. The writing was great and I enjoyed the premise. **I received an ARC of this book for my unbiased feedback and review.**