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Thirst by Jacquelyn Frank

The first in a brand new series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Nightwalkers series. Renee is a homicide detective on the case of a murder whose witness says a vampire is the prime suspect. Ridiculous right? Well that’s exactly what Renee thinks until her entire world is turned upside down Rafe the wealthy man she meets in the grocery store who has a penchant for organic produce, cultural desserts and blood. Rafe is a centuries year old energy vampire who is head of the ambassadorial team for the Queen of his people. Who is also, of course, all things tall dark and handsome. Mmmm yum. He arranges to “run into” Renee after he realizes she is on the case of a true vampire homicide hoping he can run some interference for his people as far as the case is concerned. Very quickly, he realizes the interference he may need to be running has more to do with his feelings than that of the murder investigation. After an attack by sycophants/or phant for short, evil vampires of his race, when Renee’s life is singled out and threatened Rafe is forced to come clean about his true nature to Renee to keep her safe. From there things quickly spiral out of control. Together, they work on tracking down the sycophant responsible for what is quickly becoming a string of murders. When granted the possibility to track down an even bigger threat than just the murdering phant Renee must decide whose life is worth more; her own, Rafe’s, or the innocents of the city. Overall, I really enjoyed the book. I have read several things by Jacquelyn Frank and as her work always is, this was an absolute delight to read. There were a few minor flaws in the plot line but as this book was as yet uncorrected at the time of my read i'm sure the book will be smoothed out before the final release. I’ll definitely be recommending this to my friends. The perfect beginning for another excellent series. There were some incredible funny parts to this books that had me laughing out loud. I loved the humorous breaks in the mystery/thriller type paranormal plot. Of course, there was an incredible romance storyline going on within the plot too. I can’t wait to read the next Energy Vampires novel. ** I received this book as an early uncorrected proof ARC to give my unbias feedback and review. **