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Twisted Desire by Sharon Kay

Sharon Kay does it again! I read Awakening Kiss a Watchers Kiss novel a few weeks ago and completely fell in love. Of course I had to request this latest write by Sharon Kay as soon as I saw it and I wasn’t disappointed in the least.

Right away I fell into the story and was swept away. I loved that this read had Rhys from the Watcher’s Kiss novel Awakening Kiss in this story as well. I always like to see characters I love being brought into later stories by authors and this is no exception. I was a little thrown for a minute on who the main male squeeze was going to be, but then since Parker was married I figured that the book wasn’t long enough to watch him derail from a marriage and then find a new gal so it had to be Locke. I loved the little triste between Locke and Megan. I always like to see the nerdy introvert girls get the sexy badass guys. Probably some subconscious thing about the fact that I’m a nerdy girl hiding behind my computer. Locke is a member of the Titan Group a private security, go to guy, alpha male brethren company that handles all those pesky things the government has trouble with for various reasons. He and his boss Parker Black are called in by Rhys MacLeod an old friend of Parker’s to help investigate the murder of a scientist that left some serious questions.

Megan is a scientist whose boss was just murdered by a woman who may or may not have had a tail from where she was standing. No one seems to really have any leads so when three men who look like they just might be able to uncover some new leads show up she’s more than happy to assist them. The fact that Locke Oliver might just be one of the hottest men she’s ever laid eyes on might help ensure her cooperation as well.

Together the group of four, three serious alpha males and a cute little feminine scientist, uncover the truth behind the murder some of which is definitely not rated human knowledge acceptable. This was a fantastic short read and now I really want to know more about Titan Group and what’s going on there. Can’t wait for the next book by this amazing author.

** I received this book for my free honest and unbiased review.**