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Blood Guard by Megan Erickson

Vampire fans get ready to be excited! Mission City has them and they’re doing what vampires do best. Drinking blood? What are you crazy? What the hell kind of fandom are you part of? They’re not sparkling either, just in case you were wondering. No, they’re taking names, kicking ass and making panties drop with their general sexiness!

Megan Erickson’s writing is fantastic and her new Mission series coming to shelves in September is everything a steamy paranormal book that focuses on a smart mouth bar tender turned heroine and a seven-foot-tall fanged warrior hell bent on duty should be. From the very beginning I fell in love with the plot and the writing style and things only got better from there. Usually I have lots to complain about when I read ARCs, but the two books I received from Random house this week were not in that category in the slightest. This book is definitely going down as one of my new favorites. I can’t wait to go buy a physical copy when it’s released, because my shelf definitely needs a copy of this one. From the get go I loved the characters and that’s not just because the guys are all things hot and steamy and bearing fangs; the people in this book practically leapt from the page as I was reading they were so realistic. There were a couple literal laugh out loud moments for me that perfectly broke up the high velocity angst and action that kept this book rolling and me on the edge of my seat or rather my bathwater since the tub where I do most of my professional reading (See I’m hard at work honey, just ignore the bubbles).

As someone who reads a whole lot of paranormal romance, not to mention is writing some as well, me not having any real suggestions or comments is practically unheard of, but this book was so good I didn’t really have any. Does that mean the book won’t change between now and its release in September? No it does not. Will I be curious to see the changes? Hell yes I will. I almost want to scrounge around to find some errors, because really I feel like kind of a failure as a writer and ARC reader when I can’t give some input to the author and publisher, but honestly I’d just be nitpicking unnecessarily. Maybe I was just drawn into the story to the point that I couldn’t focus on the errors enough, but I really don’t think so. Perhaps I’ll read the book again to find out, it was so good I’d hardly be put out by a reread. Do I think the publisher hit it out of the park with this new series? Now that is a different story as far as feedback is concerned, because yes I have a comment and that is “yes I really think they did.”

The story line follows Tendra a feisty bartender from Mission City whose mom has recently passed away leaving her grieving and trying to keep her life in one piece. Tendra quickly learns that her mother’s death was not all she’d come to accept and that she herself is not the person she’d always imagined. With the help of Athan, a tall dark and brooding vampire whose sworn duty is to protect Tendra and deliver her to his brother (the soon to be King), the two make their way through the dark tunnels and alleys, avoiding the sun, across the city and surrounding forests to the vampire castle where Tendra is to meet her fate. Along the way more than just the blood of the battles they fight begins to flow and the two are drawn together by the rushing tide of attraction. Unfortunately, Tendra is not meant for Athan and the two are forced to work together all the while ignoring the need for one another building between them. Too bad ignoring a problem never made it go away.

This book is going to go over great with fans of JR Ward, Jaquelyn Frank, Rebecca Zanetti, Jeaniene Frost and Sherrilyn Kenyon. All of whom I love by the way and if you haven’t read their work you really should. I can definitely see Megan Erickson having her own special shelf in devoted paranormal romance book lover’s homes. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to discover a new author and a great new series when I was assigned this book. I can’t wait to read the next installment in The Mission series. Really you all should check this one out when it’s released September 12th, 2017.